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Erik Pauhrizi

5:58 min | 2010 | DV (HDV) | bw | sound (no dialog)

»Right now there is a moment of time passing by - I must become the moment!«
This video art is a part of my research within my daily life connected with time, space, memory, identity and desire. A video explores sleep emotion moment from my personal distance perspective. I filmed myself with a video camera while I was sleep, and I had my girlfriend skypes watching me while I am sleeping. the common image of the naked invert black and white bodies contains sex, sleep, dreaming, anxiousity and death. Me is a man of walking consciousness and of sleep as a part of idea incarnated existance into a transcendent state of being beyond of death. I try to used an eyes outside my eyes to observe myself in the midst of it from a point of view outside my bodies. The video and the noise soundscape were made to make an internal dialog through visual and recording sound from me and my girlfriend daily activity via skype.